UIXO – iOS 12 Wireframe UI & UX Kit – iPhone X

UIXO - iOS 12 Wireframe UI & UX Kit - iPhone X

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We caught up with this impressive design tool today, and we thought it well to share with you; it’s UIXO – iOS 12 Wireframe UI UX Kit – iPhone X Templates. The template comes in  100+ Beautiful Wireframes of iOS 12 mobile screens, which are grouped into 16 most popular categories for iPhone X.

Using Wireframe you can communicate better hierarchical information and the involvement of elements between one another, this way you and other members of your team are able to key into the original designer’s aspiration, blend into the idea and project’s features.

In the UIXO collection, there are 105 beautiful wireframes of iOS 12 screens for iPhone X. Isn’t that massive? UIXO iOS 12 Wireframes are handy if you are planning to do any severe prototyping for iOS app for iPhone X.

In Sketch and Photoshop files, there are 16 of the most popular categories such as Start, Signup, Walkthrough, Loading, Checkout, Payment, Navigation, Photos, Dashboard, Statistics, Profiles, Feed, Articles, Activity, Create, Chat, Store, Shop, Shopping Carts etc. 

You can extensively customize each of the scenes as much as you require for your project. The file is easy to comprehend and work with it is super easy on Sketch, Figma, Adobe Xd, Photoshop tools.

Wireframe designs take considerable time, they are so crucial that they make an important phase of a project’s design (where the design’s hierarchy can be well communicated) before the design moves on to the next development stage, this is the only way to avoid shortfalls and save time and energy.

The resource is Sketch and Photoshop ready, you can always work with your favorite tool, there are mover 16 categories in modern and minimalistic designs, it is iPhone X ready and consists of more than hundred iOS mobile wireframes that are scalable and contains free vectors and fonts.


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